I have worked in the health care and charitable sectors for over 37 years now. In that time I have worked in many roles, in various settings and yet in all of them there has been a common denominator - technology.

In my years as a nurse, photographer, fundraiser, manager, project manager and trustee I have seen technology make rapid advances in the way we work. I have lived through the birth of the internet, the web and now social media. I have had to learn new skills, whether its been getting to grips with spreadsheets, accounts software, databases, desktop publishing, wi-fi networks, web design or internet security. As a result, I have plenty of experience and understanding of what its like for the ordinary person who is not an expert in these areas.

So, if you need someone who can explain what CSS stands for or how best to set up a website that doesn't cost thousands of pounds but will work on the desktop or mobile devices and yet be easy to update without a degree in computer science, then you have come to the right person.

If you want to know more about what skills I have then here are some of the things I am competent with:

  1. All things Apple (Macs, iPhones, software including OS X and iWorks) as well as Windows and Linux
  2. Databases (Access, Filemaker Pro and relational databases in general)
  3. Networks (including wireless networks, routers, Ethernet, Bluetooth and TCP/IP)
  4. Hardware (including building bespoke PCs and troubleshooting problems)
  5. Software (Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Web browsers, Security Software etc.)
  6. Web Design (Wordpress, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS etc.)
  7. Web Hosting (Domain Names, DNS Nameservers, Fantastico, cPanel and SEO etc.)
  8. Project Development (especially in the non-profit sector)
  9. Fundraising (inc. grant research, proposals, applications and reports to funders)
  10. Design (brochures, annual reports, newsletters, business cards, logos etc)
  11. Photography ( and some video)
If you would like to discuss informally how I can help you with your personal, business or charitable endeavour please contact me via the Contact Form and I'd be happy to arrange a free consultation, or text me on 079696 37497.